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Have we awakened your interest? Are you interested in a date with us? Do you have any questions about a particular session? Then simply contact us. You can use the phone number, the ePost account or use the contact form below.

Meetings and appointments with the TS Ladies

For a date or a session an appointment is always necessary.
Appointments are available daily between 11am noon to 10 clock in the evening. During this time, you can also call us. The fee for one hour is 200 euros. For a half-hour stay, you must plan with 100 euros.
We always act in duet!
If you want to make your session with us to a happening you may not forget we give you a good advise. As you can imagine, we are not machines or robots, so if you plan your visit, send us an email early enough (best 1 or 2 days before), so you can be sure that nothing comes in between and we will have enough time for the session and there will be no stress. We always prepare ourselfs individual for each session. Every session is new for us, because people are not the same, and this fact excites us in the wide universum of sexual plays and desires.

Options for contact

ePost: service and this domain or please use the form below:
mobile: Our phone number you get after the first e-mail contact.
Note: This ePost-account is designed for people who are interested in our service or have questions about a session or would like to arrange an appointment. Webmaster and site operators should use only the ePostadresse in section imprint !! No junk mail please.

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